street cleaning! all cars on the even side will be tagged and towed. street cleaning!
Why not just put an alarm in your PDA that you can switch to a month later when you're done with it or something?
--The_Lex Sun Jun 15 13:30:46 2008
Do you live on a one-way street?
--LAN3 Sun Jun 15 16:38:01 2008
Lex: yeah, actually if iPhone's calendar had a "second monday of month" style rule (like Palm did...) I might have just used that, though it's nice not to always have to do the look ahead.

And yeah, LAN3, I actually deleted a comment where I mentioned I was happy that I lived on a one way street so I didn't have to say "even side" / "odd side" or "house side" / "other side"
--Kirk Sun Jun 15 17:50:03 2008

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