peeking a boo
I would have been so confused if you hadn't admitted that David Byrne did it. It seems like a production like this would be beyond the reach of the typical shits-and-giggles YouTube producer, even if they resorted to casting fat people.
--Nick B Sat Jun 21 09:28:43 2008
Pretty sweet video, but I agree it would've been differently good sans bars. heh. I don't recognize the song, and I thought I had done a decent job of keeping up with David Byrne; he's had a pretty big music and arts career (well, big in terms of staying employed and highly active, not filling-the-stadium big) since his TH days. 

Also, am I the only one who thinks that EB sent it to you because it has Pong in it, not because it's graphically interesting and an appreciable creative music video with DB's genius for exploiting the "squareness" built into the world?
--LAN3 Sat Jun 21 13:54:18 2008
I wouldn't say it was just the Pong that caused EB to send it along, but it is the point he especially mentioned after. Along with the gun "shootout" (I myself was more taken by the eye. As befits a guy whose mascot is alien bill, I suppose.)
--Kirk Sat Jun 21 17:24:41 2008
Interesting! I had to run this down because I'm a mild Byrne fanatic, and it turns out that the video wasn't done by Byrne, but by Norman Cook, aka Fatboy Slim, aka "Brighton Port Authority," BPA. Byrne wrote about the collaboration on his website, davidbyrne dot com. Go there and click on the animated .gif banner at the top, but first let it load and watch it; it has the Pong portion of the video in a few frames. Anyway, the song is "Toejam" as you might guess, and the artist is "BPA Featuring David Byrne and Dizzee Rascal" and will be released digitally by BPA on July 7th.
--LAN3 Sun Jun 22 00:24:32 2008
I'm really jealous about the flash class. I'm really pretty good with flash as far as animating thing and troubleshooting (since student projects always try to run up against program limitations) but I haven't played with the programing at all other than some simple buttons. Part of that is that I need to take a programing class as the last one i took was a very very long time ago. But I'll trade you flash animation lessons for flash programing lessons...
--Rhys Sun Jun 22 01:30:37 2008

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