iAYxTf Thanks a lot for the article.Really thank you! Awesome.
--Adobe OEM Software Wed Mar 7 21:22:40 2012
there's a lot of tuners oinlne that'll play a note, then you can match it by ear. the best way is to hit the note the same time it plays a note, and if you're close but hear beats (the little wah-oo-wah-oo-wah), however many you hear per second is how many hertz your note is away from the real note.if that sounds too much for you right now, you'd want to download a program if you want to use your computer as a tuner. i know garage band (mac) can do it, but i don't know of any windows programs with that feature (a real shame, since macs suck)
--Syed Sun Aug 12 01:25:24 2012
That insight sovels the problem. Thanks!
--Jessinho Tue Aug 14 01:44:00 2012

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