dialog with my circa-september-2001 self
I like how the future version fades only after the past version realizes that he will fade. That provides the resolution to the possible time paradox in the story (even though it creates a whole different paradox but what happens when two paradoxes conflict with each other)?

Very good point about the whole relationship/marriage thing. Not to reveal too much about myself, but I fear I might be falling too much into my world (thinking, "Hey, get this done and things will be great for us!" when it could be "Trying to get this thing done may make things horrible for me because it might tear us apart."). I need to come up with a good solution. . .pursuing my own goals while contributing to the relationship.

And no, there hasn't been any indications of unhappiness in the marriage. I'm just foreseeing the possibility if I continue following my current path.

Ohhhh. . .life!
--The_Lex Thu Jun 26 13:28:56 2008
If I went back in time, I wouldn't have been so forgiving of my past self.

In fact, I would probably beat myself up.
--Nick B Thu Jun 26 18:12:04 2008
Hey Nick --

Well, I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, especially, then, my own damn self!

Are there many cases where you think your past self didn't make the best guess based on the information he had at the time?

I know I've had a lot of things I've taken for granted in my life that you don't have, decently correctable vision among them, so I'm always a little cautious in giving advice. Still, giving your self the benefit of the doubt seems like a good strategy.
--Kirk Thu Jun 26 21:14:34 2008
I wonder if part of my motivation is that I could do it in front of people, and it would be the only way to win back the hearts and minds of friends who were about to leave me.

Half of them would applaud future-me for teaching past-me the lesson they never had the guts to. And the other half might find a newfound sympathy for the defeated past-me, who perhaps might have deserved the benefit of the doubt. Either way, one of me benefits.
--Nick B Fri Jun 27 02:04:47 2008

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