Hello Chris, this is such a touchy ecjbsut for many. However to turn off follow is only hurting the essence of what you have taught us in the past. Blogging is an interactive relationship with the readers. In your case, your many subscribers. When a real blogger reads your feeds, post, then reads the comments of the readers, and follows they are using blogging for what it is. One of the above comment-ors Jack made a great point about installing the right plug-ins Plus, if you are not interested in really reading comments before approval why even have then at all? I am a die hard reader/subscriber of your blog, and will always be. Please bend to this new trend Where would all of you leaders be today if you were not able to benefit form comment linking form other leaders blogs?Power of the bloggers brother not the spammers Best/dom
--Zoraida Wed Mar 14 22:03:43 2012
 This information is relaly good and I will say will always be helpful if we try it risk free? So if you can back it up ? That will relaly help us all. And this might bring some good repute to you. The diet of human beings prior to the arrival of agriculture, technology and civilization is known as the Paleolithic Diet !! This Stone Age diet, in short, consisted of mainly lean red meat and vegetables. In this type of diet animal meat is consumed in large quantities and 45 to 65% of the energy needed by the body is derived from it. Over and over again, life expectancy studies related to diet, including by the World Health Organization (WHO), have concluded that Americans and Europeans would do better to eat more like third world peoples as the options provided by their additional wealth have most often lead to poor nutritional choices. This is the same basis for the USDA based their popular food pyramid in 1994 !! Researchers at Harvard have only suggested perhaps tweaking the food pyramid by replacing some dairy products and read meat with more fruits, vegetables, and fish while also emphasizing the importance of improving the ratio of e2€śgoode2€ť to e2€śbade2€ť cholesterol, Plus, exercise not only makes weight loss much easier, but also lowers blood glucose levels, decreases blood pressure, improved circulation, and increases one's metabolism. Good regular sleep patterns are also just as important. Diets based on USDA recommendations include DASH, American Diabetic Assoc, Weight Watchers, and Jenny Craig When children understand how important e2€śreal foode2€ť is and where the natural ingredients of our food come from, they will increase the general population's appreciation for preserving our natural environment and limiting toxins and polluting processes in our world. We may even trend back to the time when people stepped outside their homes to interact with family and neighbors in home and community gardens and block-party barbeques? Does anybody even remember how nice those days were?
--jujitsu Sat Jul 7 05:44:36 2012
Cut out junk food  you know what they areEat 5-6 small meals a day. Plenty of fruits, vetbeagles, low fat dairy and small amounts of lean meats and fish. Drink plenty of water.Losing too much weight too fast is a sure way to gain it back and then some  slow and easy will work best
--Wled Sat Jul 7 13:25:18 2012

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