"the new movie criticism" by which i mean i talk about me as much as i do about the movie
I think those of us that take entertainment "at face value", rather than trying to constantly predict what's coming, have just as much fun with movies, maybe more.
--xoxoxoBruce Sun Jul 6 12:17:30 2008
I was thinking you might say that!

Ok, weak joke. But still, I think you make a great point!

(And for me it's not just trying to predict what's coming, it's allowing people and things to present themselves without pre-judging.)
--Kirk Sun Jul 6 14:55:55 2008
Be advised that "The Dark Knight" *must* be seen in your local IMAX theater, and it will be knocking Hancock on its teeth. Parts of it were filmed in IMAX, so seeing it in a regular theater will require cropping and down-sampling the framerate and so on.
--LAN3 Mon Jul 7 11:17:43 2008
Thank you for the good response to Hancock! I haven't seen it yet, but I've wanted to see and all my sci-fi/comic fans have basically been so cynical of it, based on what, I don't know.

I think I had your reaction to the I, Robot with Will Smith in it. Sure, it didn't follow the book. And all the crap people say about Asimov wouldn't have liked the movie, I think is somewhat BS in its own right. How can we speculate with Asimov would think. . .especially when the movie reminded me a lot of an amalgmation of Asimov's stories. I like I, Robot, nonetheless.

I think a lot of it has to do with Will Smith, too. I really think he's a great actor and helps these action/sci-fi movies become a little more human (even when he shows a little action hero machismo swagger with a little bit of sensitivity thrown in, too) and sincere.

The comic/sci-fi fans, though, seem to not really care about the drama side of it, I guess.
--The_Lex Mon Jul 7 14:40:24 2008
Felisdemens was ranting against Wanted... I just read the graphic novel for that. Like I said on her blog, you almost feel sorry for the movies, because they can't really do (and/or have no history of) superhero ensemble pieces, so instead of "armegeddon in Astro City" we get "Fight Club meets Bourne Supremacy"

Please let us know what you think of Hancock!
--Kirk Mon Jul 7 14:54:28 2008
The commercials and marketing for "Wanted" just does not catch my attention as something worth watching. I'll catch it in a couple years when they show it on broadcast TV, TNT or FX. The premise just doesn't sound interesting to me, and it doesn't sound like anything that has much interesting character development.
--The_Lex Mon Jul 7 15:32:09 2008
I saw Hancock and while I enjoyed the first half, the second half takes a well-telegraphed twist that turns it until a much less thoughtful movie, and frequently showing signs that it was at one time a much more graphically violent movie. The twist is an interesting one but it should've been handled differently, and with a bit more subtlety. I was disappointed. Visually it was cool, but, meh.
--LAN3 Mon Jul 7 15:39:43 2008
From what I've heard, Hancock was originally supposed to be something of an upbeat romantic comedy when originally written.
--The_Lex Mon Jul 7 16:01:14 2008

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