[wonder tic-tac]
A fly swatter did a good job of killing a wasp at my place this past weekend. I will destroy the tyranny of wasps!
--The_Lex Mon Jul 7 14:34:06 2008
Keep on writing and chguging away!
--Taran Fri Jul 29 06:47:17 2011
So true. Honesty and erveytinhg recognized.
--Elly Fri Sep 9 21:16:32 2011
mxfh4f It's straight to the point! You could not tell in other words! :D
--oem software Sun Feb 12 04:56:10 2012
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--Discount OEM Software Thu Mar 8 05:06:34 2012
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--Mastfa Thu Jan 17 14:36:55 2013

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