how does it smell? terrible!
hah, when looking up the text on the logo, i found this:

BDSM fairs?!
--mkb Wed Jul 9 13:22:39 2008

brings to mind the last panel of
--Kirk Wed Jul 9 14:23:44 2008
David Brin has an excellent short story about an anosmiac man, called "Senses Three and Six"-- the title refers to the sense of smell and a six sense he describes as something to do with the inner mind or memory or something, I forget exactly. Like some of his other shorts, the story ties together the real truth behind the conspiracy theories which turned out to be more correct than their supporters could've possibly supposed. 
--LAN3 Thu Jul 10 00:55:47 2008
I've also heard of equilibrium as a sixth sense, and one that can be lost with terrible vertigonous effects...
--Kirk Thu Jul 10 07:36:32 2008
Radio Lab, the best WNYC show ever (among some serious competition), identifies 9 senses: smell touch taste hearing sight, of course, as well as the sense of warmth, the sense of your body's position relative to itself, equilibrium/balance, as you note, and pain sense.

It was mentioned on a show about the discovery of the 5th taste, Umami.
--LAN3 Fri Jul 11 00:37:47 2008
Sense of warmth, huh?

I wonder if too there's some electromagnetic things that list misses out on, though we have those less than, say, birds.

Or where does the sense someone is looking at you come from...
--Kirk Fri Jul 11 09:33:41 2008

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