giant plants and lobsters
Lobsters don't actually have any natural predators and are effectively immortal-- they don't have a life span that anyone can really determine, except that like anything else they occasionally get killed by falling rocks, sinking ships, and hungry humans.
--LAN3 Fri Jul 11 13:28:06 2008
"Many animals, especially humans, eat lobsters. After humans, cod are probably the lobster's principal enemy, followed by other bottom dwelling fishes, such as flounder, sculpins, wolffish, eels, rock gunnels, crabs, and seals. Even raccoons have been known to raid coastal lobster pounds at low tide."
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--xoxoxoBruce Fri Jul 11 21:56:07 2008
A cod can eat a lobster?
--Kirk Fri Jul 11 22:52:54 2008
Would I lie to you, my oldest and dearest friend...

if it didn't involve money or sex?
--xoxoxoBruce Sat Jul 12 10:47:06 2008
Wow, that's a really clever way of thniikng about it!
--Jonay Mon Aug 1 18:51:15 2011
BvoMPY Read, of course, far from my topic. But still, we can work together. How do you feel about trust management?!...
--oem software Sun Feb 12 06:03:39 2012
b3ArXQ Thanks-a-mundo for the post. Really Cool.
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- Absolutely biuateful pics of a very biuateful couple. Your love pictures are just as fun to read as a romance novel and I'm an avid reader so that is something! (my favorite genre is not always romance but that topic of discussion is for another time!)Anyway just wanted to say that this photo shoot was amazing all of them are but really liked these Way to capture their love for each other Amber!August 2, 2010  3:13 pm
--Koi Mon Mar 4 20:39:26 2013
Shanelle - Amber, you are soo clever and anmziag!! your fotos are just AMAZING! I love the different things you think of. <3 how they depict the person, family or couple. This couple is adorable and she is gorgeous. <3 the bike and crab!! Too cute!  God has blessed you with this talent, among other things!!!!!August 2, 2010  7:39 am
--Viran Mon Mar 4 20:39:28 2013
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