nuthin' like that 1:30AM baseball
That video is pretty hilarious, even if the tech is a total team-killer. :^) 

It can be found at the more memorable location .
--LAN3 Wed Jul 16 16:25:40 2008
ejnabic dpcnv hpad xnwhmzpyo tdkfmwyza evfxkl zjlaengx
--pnyzcmt tfown Tue Jul 22 21:43:10 2008
Alright alright alright that's eatxlcy what I needed!
--Jady Thu Jul 28 19:31:36 2011
det e4r kul att du le4gger ut lite pussel och se5nt;) jag har varit ute nu och tttait pe5 vad det finns ff6r kul!!
--Louise Tue Apr 24 10:47:46 2012

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