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Most people won't give you 100% on the dolalr for a resold Best Buy gift card, and a used computer will only get you back 50 cents on the dolalr, so I wouldn't do that. What you might be able to do is to ask friends/family to let you charge purchases they would otherwise pay cash for, and give you the cash instead.Or, if there are expenses you routinely have that you would pay cash for (such as gas station, grocery store, etc.), charge those expenses and save your cash.  One option, although you will pay a mildly expensive fee, is to charge prepaid Visa cards (they have a $4.95 fee) and resell those to friends of family.Just keep in mind that 18 months from now you will have to pay this off, and have a plan in mind to do so.
--Auth Mon Mar 4 10:14:19 2013

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