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Years ago I lived atop Queen Anne Hill, just north of Seattle Center. I'd walk up the hill every afternoon and I always wanted to create a mnemonic for the cross-streets, but never could, the act of walking uphill being either too slow or too exhausting.

Roy, Valley, Aloha, Ward, Prospect, Highland, Comstock, Lee, and Galer.

Seattle does have a great street-name mnemonic for the downtown streets. There are 12 streets, paired one-way streets where each pair of streetnames starts with the same letter: Jefferson/James, Columbia/Cherry, Madison/Marion, Spring/Seneca, Union/University, Pike/Pine. Hence the starting letters, JCMSUP became "Jesus Christ Made Seattle Under Protest."

(I probably don't have the streets in the correct order as listed, just the pairs. :^)
--LAN3 Fri Jul 18 16:30:24 2008
I like the alphabetical arangement of streets out of Boston starting at:

--yelas Fri Jul 18 16:49:04 2008
The game GTA IV does something similar for part of its take on Manhattan... Amethyst, Barium, Calcium, Diamond, Emerald, Feldspar, Garnet... etc etc
--Kirk Sat Jul 19 05:31:25 2008

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