hungy hungry hippocampus
I remember reading an article about someone who had perfect memory, they could remember every detail of every moment in their life.

The thing that struck me as interesting (and possibly ironic) is that these people who had had such strong memories generally engaged in more nostalgic activities than people without such stellar memories. I can see why they might on one level: adding more information to their brains could become overstimulating while people without such strong memories don't have as much risk of overstimulation from increased experience.
--The_Lex Mon Jul 28 13:08:46 2008
Did they demonstrate cause and effect?

Like maybe there was an underlying need to hold on that somehow provoked the memory ability as well as the urge to exercise it, rather than the urge to exercise it coming from having it.
--Kirk Mon Jul 28 13:56:38 2008
It didn't go that deep into cause and effect. It was an article for the mainstream audience, I believe.

The whole nostalgia thing seemed just like a common tendency that people with super good memories had.
--The_Lex Mon Jul 28 14:21:31 2008

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