he's a brainiac, brainiac, on the flo-o-or
From ward's wiki at c2.com: ThreeStarProgrammer -- A rating system for C-programmers. The more indirect your pointers are (i.e. the more "*" before your variables), the higher your reputation will be. No-star C-programmers are virtually non-existent, as virtually all non-trivial programs require use of pointers. Most are one-star programmers. In the old times (well, I'm young, so these look like old times to me at least), one would occasionally find a piece of code done by a three-star programmer and shiver with awe.

That definition was written many years ago. In 2008, modern programming is always in a framework of other frameworks on an application server that's made of clusters that runs on a VM. I once had to write HTML with two template engines at the same time: one that ran server-side, and one that ran client-side, all driven by a Perl back-end that had the Apache handler that did all the database access. That enough indirection to qualify as superhuman?

--Nick B Tue Jul 29 15:55:55 2008
I liked writing Perl to write a JSP that produced custom javascript...
--Kirk Tue Jul 29 22:50:17 2008
If Brainiac is so smart, wouldn't he be aware that a more conservative collar would be more timeless? Look at the size of that thing. He is in a pink shirt, though, which contrasts well with his green skin and is pretty progressive as wardrobes go, by itself. I hate to think that he has seen the future, and he has seen giant collars.
--LAN3 Wed Jul 30 11:13:23 2008

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