At last, smooene comes up with the "right" answer!
--Jeannie Sun Apr 24 07:38:37 2011
Thanks for sharing your stiduo with us! So many colors, I just want to dive in and make some art myself. I also like the painting of your husband. It makes me happy to look at it.So what is an art journal? Would love to see some more pages of it.An art journal is sort of like a diary, but every page is filled with art of all kinds and mediums and mix media. So instead of writing on a blank page I'm writing through, around, under, over, backwards, forwards on a page of art created by me. I'm expressing myself through art and writing. Some of my art journals are just art-no journaling.When I open my journal I choose a page of art that suits my mood and write. It's never in order like a diary. What I write depends on my day. It might be a lot or just one word.
--Aliffa Sun Aug 12 09:46:34 2012

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