VirtualDub (.com) has a video filter that does a just-fine job of rotating video. It's a Windows app, though, and I can't recall what you're running these days. It's super-useful handler and basic editor for any .avi. Also, what format are you using? It's usually not so much a matter of format but codec, where nearly all PCs ship without a lot of popular video codecs. If you're referring to flv files, well, yeah, it's not popular with video players. Ditto tne relatively new MKV.
--LAN3 Wed Aug 6 15:26:08 2008
Oh, huh.
Actually yeah I clipped this with VideoDubMod, some variant of that.

You still have the issue of Youtube being in landscape mode, however.

And yeah, Canon cameras still use this weird MJPEG format for movies that tend to be annoying to view.
--Kirk Wed Aug 6 16:03:25 2008
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--ivywlm evbnydc Sun Jan 18 05:28:46 2009
Didn't know the forum rules aleolwd such brilliant posts.
--Jera Tue Sep 6 08:31:35 2011
The Jamboree Staff for Citizenship in the World and Community is made up of 45 adult staffers and is the group that orlginaliy brought Citizenship in the World and Nation to the National Jamboree in 1993. We are made up of volunteer scouters from five states. We have returned every Jamboree since and have endevored to improve and build on a firm foundation to produce one of the highest technowledges to present the Meit Badges. This year we are prowd to bring an even better presentation enabling us to reach even more scouts needing the merit badges.Our classrooms are open every day, all requirements being taught are available every hour enabling each scout to take the area needed as he wants.We welcom all scouts to come and visit with us. Learn to be a better citizen.
--Saul Fri Jul 13 12:14:26 2012

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