There are handy dandy slider pads for moving heavy furniture on wood floors available at most home supply stores. They're great!
--YELM Mon Aug 11 18:33:42 2008
Not to worry. Pres Obama will be re elected in 2012!Historians agree that President Obama is one of the gesatret U.S. presidents this country has ever seen. He ranks as 15th gesatret presidents of all time since the nation's founding.Using a multi-category rating scale, a Siena College Research Institute survey of 238 historians, academics and political scientists ranked Obama as the 15th gesatret president since the nation’s founding. Sandwiched between Andrew Jackson and Lyndon Johnson, the 44th president beat out Ronald Reagan by three slots.Franklin D. Roosevelt topped this year’s chart (as he has every year since the survey began in 1982), followed by his distant cousin Theodore Roosevelt. Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson finished out the top five with Woodrow Wilson coming in at a close sixth.I hope this helps some.  Y E S!
--Ariel Fri Jul 13 06:52:57 2012

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