bed bath and beyawn
You felt mostly what regarding the Fitzgerald novel?
--The_Lex Wed Aug 13 15:41:37 2008
Err, felt every bit of the two weeks, it seemed like I was reading it for a very long time, especially since it was only 300 pages.
--Kirk Wed Aug 13 19:46:33 2008
Ahhhh. My mind was thinking in the paradigm of "felt <some kind of emotion>" rather than "felt <the sensation that I mentioned previously -- in this case, felt the slog the whole time reading the book>."
--The_Lex Thu Aug 14 14:05:00 2008
Yeah, it was a bit ambiguous...
it's probably derived from my annual birthday "3x years old, and feeling every bit of it"...
--Kirk Thu Aug 14 22:44:49 2008

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