a kirk by any other name
Ah! Now I know how to pronounce Kirkles. For awhile, I was thinking it was pronounced Kirk-less without the last 's'.

Run Logan Run! Shouldn't you have ascended by now?
--The_Lex Fri Aug 15 13:18:34 2008
It's interesting that specifying "a term of endearment" can act as a disambiguification...
--Kirk Fri Aug 15 13:53:22 2008
It changed the structure of my thinking on the alias. Before, I was thinking you couldn't fit "kirkless" into the space provided then "kirkles" without the 's' just stuck.

But then labeling it a term of endearment caused some confusion, so I had to re-think the angle on the name. Heuristic thinking dumped me into mentally vocalizing it more the way it's spelled (this articulation of my thinking feels awkward).
--The_Lex Fri Aug 15 15:08:10 2008
"Nacho" is from "Ignacio". They say that's how the popular southwestern snack food got its name, from the cook who improvised it.
--Nick Bensema Sat Aug 16 19:05:35 2008
Oh, that would make some sense... always tough to know if something's a Just-So urban legend, but that seems as likely as anything...
--Kirk Mon Aug 18 12:19:06 2008

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