South Carolina (alas, a State) has a similar tax holiday, but only on edumacational items. It does include computers, though, which is a great reason to wait for the holiday, since the sales tax can be a significant amount of moulah on such big-ticket items.
--LAN3 Sun Aug 17 18:37:27 2008
At last, smeonoe comes up with the "right" answer!
--Buffee Sat Apr 23 20:14:09 2011
I think Tony Blair recognized when he was Prime Minister that Great Britain could never suucfsseclly integrate with a Union made up of nations on the continent which is why he worked so hard to cozy up to George W. Bush at the beginning of the Iraq War. Blair realized that if Britain was to continue to fight above it's weight class it would ultimately need to do this in partnership with the United States not Europe. Blair could not have known that Americans would elect a President from out of no where who felt no affinity for the special relationship between Britain and the United States because he was steeped in an anti-colonial ideology that blamed the British Empire for most of the geopolitical difficulties faced by the contemporary world. It is ironic that the United States has historically favored European integration as a way to contain Germany but in it's new version, Germany is likely to emerge as the nation that calls most of the shots in Europe. As the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for because it might actually come true.
--Sanju Tue Apr 24 09:50:57 2012

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