on the vinegar tasters
Only the other day did I realize where the name Vinegar comes from. French for sour/bitter/cutting is "aigre," which sounds approximately like "egg." And Vin of course is wine. so Vin-aigre is soured wine. Which it is. 

That is all.
--LAN3 Wed Aug 20 19:40:06 2008
P.S. I'm beating the GalCon AI on "Crazy" now, but again not always on the first try. Somewhere above "hard" the AI stops getting smarter and the maps get harder, I think. The AI stays pretty predictable (but aggressive if given an opening) but the planets get mainly pricier, except for a few really good steals which are the obvious opening moves, which cost more in time than ships and therefore give no value in stealing except productivity value. 
--LAN3 Wed Aug 20 19:43:04 2008

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