photobreak day 1
Very true! Makes a change to see smeonoe spell it out like that. :)
--Kristy Sat Apr 23 17:32:11 2011
Chris, It was another good read.  Since I'm one of those peploe who tried, I'm writing my experience.It's my 5 or 6th day of regular commenting (5 or 6 comments/day) and I've realized that too many cool bloggers have included my blog link in their blogroll. It's something that I never tried to think about! My comments have attracted many new regular readers and according to my Google Analytics report, the new visitor percentage to my blog has increased about 24%. I'm still unable to leave more than 6 comments/day but these amazing changes keep poking me to leave more thoughtful comments/day. I'm thankful for your Comments article. After reading the article, I've kept trying to leave comments regularly and as you wrote, traffic is not the only profit! - Avi
--Mega Wed Mar 14 11:40:43 2012

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