that was the end
Your musings remind me of the Robot Chicken scketch where pac-man meets a pac-morpheus who offers the blue and red pills, leading pac man to a world of 3-d he can't handle.
--Erin Maru Tue Sep 2 04:38:03 2008
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--cbkuy znjypwuxg Wed Sep 10 03:20:08 2008
--JAJA Sat Sep 13 06:50:01 2008
AFAICT you've coevred all the bases with this answer!
--Lalaine Sat Apr 23 10:36:30 2011
DFpvAt I read online (computer problems) positive feedback about your resource. Didnt even believe it, and now saw myself. It turned out that I was not fooled!...
--buy cheap oem software Sun Feb 12 01:26:31 2012
yes that is the 29 cutter i have plans to. have you ever read Larry Pardey's book on bludiing their new boat Talisin? he is a very good craftsman boat builder, many good ideas they have on their boat, i will be bludiing mine much the same way, as they say keep it simple and go now i have the same problem you have about finding the lead for the keel, at least finding it cheap may not be so easy. my boat will have 6350 pounds of lead guys might like the interior layout of the Pardey's boat, they have gravity feed water, oil lamps, simple navigation and no engine. i am looking forward to bludiing my boat much the same way, it will get me underway faster and less maintanance on extra stuff .good luck on the planking james
--Alex Fri Jul 13 18:42:07 2012
I have now been around long eougnh and am experienced eougnh that I feel somewhat capable to un-equivocally say that when it comes to sports writers discussing and commenting about economic issues, most often they don t know squat. One can t just look today at what the Big 12 offers over the Pac 10, one has to consider all the factors in a monumental move such as this and to analyze all the options and the future. The first question is why would the Pac 10 be considering expansion if it wasn t to create a mega TV network over a large part of the country and to financially improve all their member schools? There are many other dynamics involved with this whole considered proposal. This mentality is a good example why I would never, ever trust my long-term investments with a bunch of sports writers. I wouldn't even accept a hot stock tip from one.
--Solomon Fri Jan 11 10:11:40 2013

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