it goes around and around
There have been at least a couple times so far that I've wanted to comment on some of your twitters.
--The_Lex Sun Sep 7 00:42:47 2008
The whole "cover flow" twitter you posted with a question, at that, urges me to comment all the more. I vote for comments on twitters!

As for cover flow, I don't think I've used it on the iPod. On my iTunes, I like to have the song list on the bottom of the screen a graphic of the cover on the top of the screen.

Now that I think about it, it would be cool if you could get the rest of the album art along with the cover for songs/albums you buy on iTunes. Album art is something I'm sure I'll miss while switching from concrete albums in hand to digital music.
--The_Lex Thu Sep 11 10:18:34 2008

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