took me out to the ball game
Optimism sucks! ;b
--The_Lex Tue Sep 9 13:13:47 2008
Going to the game tomorrow night!
--MacGuy Tue Sep 9 19:13:12 2008
I told my garndomther how you helped. She said, “bake them a cake!”
--Emma Tue Oct 18 15:41:38 2011
it varies from hotel to hotel. some rqiuere a partial deposit, some rqiuere a full deposit, and others rqiuere it at checkout while others don't even offer extended stay rates. check to see if they offer a military discount. at my hotel, you save $30 a night with a military id.the only way to really tell is contact the hotel directly .don't call central reservations or a 3rd party internet site. central doesn't know specific policies for individual hotels, and 3rd party internet companies overcharge you.
--Mehmet Thu Jan 17 18:31:56 2013
As always a great post ..small tnhigs are important because if not taken care of they become big tnhigs. Have a great birthday week! You are the best! Oh and I loved your guest blogger yesterday too! He is an amazing young man and seems to a great brother!    Mom!
--Diogo Tue Sep 17 11:59:36 2013
Alhazad2003 /   WOW! A triple resleae! Thanks, it's most appreciated. My only concern is in the Freezing: ZERO chapter. I'm pretty sure in the RAW, it told the name of Kazuha'a weapon, which is ironically Nova Blood. Yet I didn't see it here. Did I miss it, or was it omitted? Just asking, mind you.
--Einrad Thu Sep 19 10:19:02 2013
Good question.You know those girls that are just mad? Actually I was hainvg this conversation with some friends of mine the other day  we are all looking for crazy girls, right? Boring girls are just boring. But you need to find a girl with the right amount of crazy. This one was unfortunately more on the woooooooh! My fingers are carrots side. I think the final straw was when I commented on that girl in the movie we were watching last night. I couldn't help it. Megan Fox is a fox, what can I say?
--Arine Fri Sep 20 06:43:33 2013

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