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I'm working on J-pop lyrics for the Rainbow Road track from Mario Kart Wii. They will be superior to the infamous Mario Kart 64 Rainbow Road lyrics.
--Leonard Thu Sep 18 15:01:06 2008
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--arobyp ywhzcftmo Sun Jan 18 00:57:06 2009
In awe of that aesnwr! Really cool!
--Kalin Fri Jul 29 12:01:57 2011
Q1tZBi Received the letter. I agree to exchange the articles.
--buy oem software Sun Feb 12 01:30:05 2012
Ok. So we received a few cevatire responses from you fans out there and are in the process of making those ideas into real, living, breathing songs. Our friend Margaret suggested a toddler anthem  I am toddler, hear me roar! We hear you toddlers, as you are often deafening. So here are a few words inspired by all of you toddlers more to come: (c. The Rockdoves, 2011  Heart Rise Music) Cause I'm A Toddler What makes me think I can climb this treeEven if I'm only 2 3 ?Cause I'm a toddlerThat's what I tell ya'I'll show you right now how I can rock this trikeI like what I do and I do what I likeCause I'm a toddlerThat's what I tell ya'I'll make a tower so tall and knock it down with one swingAin't no one else here who can bring what I bringCause I'm a toddlerThat's what I tell ya'And though we might not have the words to say all that we'd wantWe know that we have got it and we're not afraid to flauntSo put your fist in the air and let the people know for sureI am toddler, hear me ROAR!!
--Ahmad Mon Sep 16 16:30:16 2013

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