greenspan shrugged
This may sound cold or something, but for young people with money, this is a great opportunity to make a long-term steal. Invest money into a majorly or even somewhat undervalued company that has staying power, and the next boom or maybe a boom that occurs in 10 or 20 years, you could be pretty damn rich (through the reinvestment of dividends for cheap shares over the years that explode during a boom and become so much more than they were originally when you bought them).

Sure, you'll get screwed if the American economy totally collapses and the dollar becomes completely and utterly worthless. . .but you're screwed no matter what in that situation, generally.
--The_Lex Mon Sep 15 16:41:49 2008
I can't believe you put Rubic's cube cartoon on your website and forced me to remember that trippy character. Why does a cube have blue feet!!!?? WHY? I refuse to follow the link because I can already hear the insipid voice in my head, echoing back from deep in my psyche. Is it an elf? Is it a magic cube? Is a portel to hell???? Some one please cross this cartoon with Hellraiser.
--Erin sparkle toes Mon Sep 15 17:31:43 2008

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