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I think there's plenty of social arguments for "sexual deviancy" in kids these days, from two parent households to labeling casual displays of intimacy and normal exploration of intimacy as sexual deviancy to increased ability to monitor children to hypersensitive parents labeling something as bad so teens are more likely to do it to define themselves against parents that haven't built a good relationship with their kids, etc. etc.

In the long run, though, I think American culture has a long history of demonizing anything that's close to sexuality and can get very up in arms about something that could be plain harmless or even healthy.

After all, awhile ago, when was the average age of people getting married? Sure, civilization has advanced in many ways, but have we essentially ignored REAL human nature and instincts? Have we tried to make the physicality and intimacy of being human obsolete? And by doing so, do teenagers, who have these budding instincts of human nature roaring and the pressure of society/peers, essentially reach out for this intimacy in unhealthy ways?

Honestly, I believe so, and I believe it hurts civilization and prevents it from faster and better progress.
--The_Lex Wed Sep 17 14:19:17 2008
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--ayud muwj Sun Jan 18 00:57:05 2009
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--ayud muwj Sun Jan 18 00:58:29 2009
Kudos! What a neat way of thniikng about it.
--Ryne Sun Apr 24 09:45:45 2011
A very good idea a better long term one would be to throw the one world gonenrmevt parasites into a rocket heading for the sun and organise our own educational system.The fact that home schoolong is banned in Germany where the nationalists are treated no better than criminals serves perfectly to illustrate the fact that schools are noguht but brain washing centres. Luckily my advanced intelligence and the fact that my mother raised me at home for the first years of my life allowed me to break free from the deluge of lies preached to me on a daily basis.Universal education has always been a marxist idea, some states subverted this purpose to raise healthy human beings who love their people and their nation it would be worth lookinat their methods of education if you are interested in either home schooling or becoming our future education minister!
--Chandik Sat Jan 5 22:00:49 2013

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