the fine line between can and should
Obama rules the pools and reaches the beaches, power 108. 
--Susan Powers Thu Sep 18 17:50:53 2008
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When asked about skewed inrtveal paces/times, a respondent on a discussion board postedthe following: Intervals are generally referred to as a workout whose primary purpose is to stress and increase VO2max. Running 200m fast and then resting for 2 minutes will not stress your VO2max, no matter how hard you run the 200m.There is a place for race pace or faster 100  200m repetitions (sometimes referred to as strides), but that is not in an inrtveal workout.All inrtveals, regardless of distance, should be run at the same pace. This means that your 400 metre inrtveal pace should be the same as your 800 metre pace, which should be the same as your 1000 metre pace. Individual work bouts generally last less then 5 minutes, so a mile long work bout is, unless you are very fast, pushing the limits a little. The recovery period between work bouts generally lasts 50  100% of the time that it took to run the work bout. So, if you ran a 3 minute 800 metre work bout, a rest of 90 seconds to 3 minutes would be appropriate. Now, this is totally different from anything I see here, as I understand this program, os in an attempt to improve my knowledge base, so I know why this is wrong, how would you respond to this type of argument or is this correct that all inrtveals should be at the same pace?
--Satyam Fri Jan 18 10:01:35 2013

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