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I'll have to read the left/right brain article because one claim feels counter intuitive (the American Education system not being well-geared to the left-brain thinker) and there's plenty of examples where I think left brainers can try to dominate the science fiction fan communities (fan boys focusing on plot points, the rules of the created world, feeling betrayed by authors/writers because authors/writers don't keep their word during "meta-discussions" and "spoilers" made outside of the created world about the created world), but the latter parenthetical I could be an exception that proves the rule.
--The_Lex Mon Sep 22 12:10:56 2008
Read Derek's musings. I commented on it about the fan boys and their feeling betrayed about having the author/writer violating the mythology set up for the created world.

I think your response has an implicit mis-reading of Derek's musing, though. Derek considers the American ed system a let down for the left brainer because the left brainer "will not have the benefit from having their creative sides stretched" not because the system doesn't encourage left brained thinking (as I had originally read your response saying).

Nonetheless, his using the term "let down" certainly makes for a somewhat confusing way of presenting an opinion. Who is the situation letting down? Probably not the left brainer since they more than likely don't have the expectation of having their imagination skills stretched nor do they necessarily want to have them stretched. So, really, who is getting let down by our left brained people not getting their imaginations stretched during high school? The answer to that question could certainly spark some interesting discussion.
--The_Lex Mon Sep 22 15:57:21 2008

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