I've been reading Megan McArdle probably since a few weeks after 9/11-- she was in the WTC on that day, and later got a admin job at the cleanup site. I think she's honest as hell, and she's a Chicago-school economist, a little-l libertarian/federalist. I think she spars with fellow Atlantic bloggers more than she might if she didn't work there, to a degree that sometimes seems coerced, but then again, the Atlantic bloggers (and some of the other bloggers who now blog for old-media names) are some of the same I was reading all along. She used to blog at http://www.janegalt.net/ and the archives are still up. Don't let the domain name fool you-- she picked the name because it was a handle she used while riling up objectivists, not joining them.
--LAN3 Tue Oct 7 13:45:37 2008

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