I've been reading Megan McArdle probably since a few weeks after 9/11-- she was in the WTC on that day, and later got a admin job at the cleanup site. I think she's honest as hell, and she's a Chicago-school economist, a little-l libertarian/federalist. I think she spars with fellow Atlantic bloggers more than she might if she didn't work there, to a degree that sometimes seems coerced, but then again, the Atlantic bloggers (and some of the other bloggers who now blog for old-media names) are some of the same I was reading all along. She used to blog at http://www.janegalt.net/ and the archives are still up. Don't let the domain name fool you-- she picked the name because it was a handle she used while riling up objectivists, not joining them.
--LAN3 Tue Oct 7 13:45:37 2008
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I know what you mean about waiting for the other shoe to drop. But you know what I'm lnaneirg? If it's going to drop I'm going to be pissed off, hurt, sad, etc. So why challenge myself the whole time leading up to the shoe dropping? Besides, more than likely the shoe won't drop!
--Amine Fri Jan 11 18:47:01 2013

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