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--torkjis lvnc Sun Jan 18 00:32:34 2009
I'm dumb or wtaehver, but I feel like if someone insulted the way I looked (in a way that sort of hit on the truth) I could be really hurt. Because I'm only putting the part of myself that I want people to see online, and if someone thinks I'm stupid, then wtaehver. But the things that I can't really control, like my appearance...I feel like a well-worded insult could hurt me in that aspect.but yeah, I agree with you on everything. You just have to be secure enough in yourself to know that it doesn't really matter what they think. Great blog. -alex
--Yksl Sat Feb 11 13:37:08 2012
iZ1UEo Can be also this issue because the truth can be achieved only in a dispute :D
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Dear Simone,I knew you were fighting a batlte with cancer and this news of your sadden departure makes me very sad.I think of your sparkling eyes. The same eyes and desire to play and smile that I saw in your fantastic children.Keep smiling, creating and looking for passionate ways to make this world a better place.Paolo
--Sri Wed Mar 14 16:20:42 2012

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