Don't refer to yourself in the third person.
Shades of Richard Nixon and (more recently) Suade - who was eliminated from Project Runway.
--Kirk's Aunt? Thu Oct 16 13:48:57 2008
You need Tivo or DVR.
--The_Lex Thu Oct 16 13:57:57 2008
It might have been less onerous if I did the title caps right... it should have been Other Things Kirk is Up To. But the rest of the paragraph is normal 1st person -- it was kind of meant to be a nod to the presumptiveness of blogging in general.
--Kirk Thu Oct 16 14:42:49 2008
Dear Jessica. I am so glad you liked The Chosen One. I have thought a lot about wniritg a sequel, and I don't think that I will. However I do have two new books out that you may enjoy. GLIMPSE and MILES FROM ORDINARY, though neither one of them are about polygamy.
--Eric Mon Mar 4 23:29:49 2013

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