vw ads from back in the day. ish.
That second ad, with the wedding, is really an exceptional bit of mini-film, I think. Good example of a twist ending, too, and not a bit of dialog. Also, the bride is really a beauty, and the driver looks like James Spader, but only part of the time.

The first I used to like, but then I saw the movie "The Lookout," a darn good movie, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a bank janitor drawn into a robbery plot. His character is brain-damaged following a fatal prom-night car accident in which he, his date, and another couple replicate the nighttime drive with fireflies.
--LAN3 Sat Oct 25 01:10:49 2008
I think my favorite is the first, because of the subtle glance of longing in the first closeup, the sort of contentment of the driver watching the woman reach for the fireflies, the great profile shot of the other woman that closes it that's so much more lovely than it needs to be... it's really the best bit of mood setting I've ever seen in a short film.

Of course, these were technically better at selling me CDs than cars, but I still think more highly of the VW brand because of them.
--Kirk Sat Oct 25 10:08:44 2008
Watching the "Pink Moon" one again after reading your comment-- you're right about that profile at the end-- I wonder how they lit that image; it's as much moonlight as it is St. Elmo's Fire on her face, almost.
--LAN3 Sat Oct 25 16:53:08 2008

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