castles don't have phones a**hole!
Hmmmm. . .maybe I should finally read the Guide to. . . that someone gave me for a birthday years ago. Sounds like a fun book.
--The_Lex Sun Oct 26 15:48:29 2008
Geez, now that I know Obama can provide hope against hurricanes, I think I'll vote for him.
--LAN3 Sun Oct 26 23:00:37 2008
LAN3, glad to have aided to your enlightenment.

And if there IS a hurricane, well, I'm sure Obama will at least do a Heckuva Job... maybe even better.
--Kirk Mon Oct 27 08:28:56 2008
Lex: it's pretty good. More academic in its styling, but the one section on where ZMM stands relative to various Eastern and Western traditions, and then this other section about stuff in the draft that didn't make it into the final version, both have been good.
--Kirk Mon Oct 27 08:46:11 2008
Back in Virginia Beach, where I grew up, we had a different form of hope against hurricanes, but it amounted to common sense things, like non-corrupt local government, self-reliance, and above all, living above sea-level, which is a no-brainer no matter how you look at it. If only I'd known that big government, lead by a charismatic leader with a past entirely constructed from his own autobiographies, was the answer all along! God, we were such fools!
--LAN3 Mon Oct 27 22:37:57 2008
Wait, I thought it was the Democrats who were too thin-skinned about broad political satire?

Just because there was plenty of blame to go around doesn't mean the federal level couldn't have mustered a better and less photo-op-y response.
--Kirk Tue Oct 28 08:29:02 2008
I've been to Rocky a few times, and the audience participation is so well-rehearsed that it seems they have control over time and space itself.

I should go this weekend.
--Nick B Tue Oct 28 12:59:07 2008
Yeah, the ones where they predict the action are pretty brilliant.

I think Harvard Sq's is a little less organized.
--Kirk Tue Oct 28 14:59:16 2008

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