the time is now
Hi chris I agree with your post entirly. I mean if poplee are putting up stuff for others to read they obviously would be happy with feedback.Now i would like to know why you sensor the comments written to you?I know you do this because you didnt post my previous comment which was no comment ,I thought it was an amusing comment to make.I also saw in one of your previous posts(Defeating Procrastination-your comment on feb13) you thanked poplee for thier insightfull comments saying you wouln't believe some of the comments others have made If someone goes to the trouble of posting a comment, as you clearly state in this article thats what you hope they'll do. Wouldn't it be only fair for you to publish thier comment even if you disagree with it? You can always refute it with a reponse or just not respond to it and let others make thier own decision on it.Let alone degrading those who went to the trouble.
--Nathan Wed Mar 14 15:57:52 2012

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