costumes through my ages
Uhhh, I'd say the "cowboy" was circa 1977, not l997.
--YELM Fri Oct 31 08:58:34 2008
heheh, oops.
--Kirk Fri Oct 31 09:08:39 2008
Alien Bill--hahaha!! That's awesome! And if anyone gives you a blank stare after you tell them, say you're CBS.
--Bill the Splut Fri Oct 31 20:54:46 2008
My "go to" explanation was "kind of like that round guy from Monsters, Inc."

Maybe next year... the pyramid w/ the all seeing eye from the dollar bill.
--Kirk Sat Nov 1 14:32:55 2008
I just want to say that I really love the second picture... the one of you as a robot. The reason being that it's such an artifact of the time period. The colors in your costumes, the browns of the image with the grain of the photo. Also the Salvation army logo just makes it.

It just made me smile.
--Rhys Sun Nov 2 22:22:41 2008

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