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Re: Twitter
And what's the problem with clip-ons? There are those who prefer not to poke holes through the flesh.
--YELM Wed Nov 5 08:50:56 2008
There's no problem w/ clip-ons, I was just kind of surprised.

Then again, dangling shiny bits from our ears and necks and fingers can seem kind of weird when I think about it, whether there's hole poking involved or not.
--Kirk Wed Nov 5 10:17:45 2008
Re: Twitter
I appreciate that McCain tried to encourage, during his concession speech, his supporters to not only accept Obama as their President, but to do what they can to help Obama make America the great place that it should be. His supporters' attitude toward the whole campaign should be enough for them to deserve their disappointment.
--The_Lex Wed Nov 5 12:41:49 2008
Maybe the media should do a report on the people at McCain's rally to see if their pro-American or anti-American. ;b
--The_Lex Wed Nov 5 12:42:27 2008
There's a lot of conciliatory talk in most acceptance and concession speeches, but I don't give it too much weight...
--Kirk Wed Nov 5 16:06:14 2008

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