Just a tidbit: Californians get back credits for oil just like Palin got for Alaskans. But they also have a personal income tax in California that can often wipe out the oil bonuses for individuals and families. It is the idea that Californians and Alaskans own the land that the oil comes from and should benefit from this. All Californians own their beaches. A bit different idea that what we have on the east coast or the Gulf of Mexico. I spent some time in Oregon, but am not sure of how their economy operates as I wasn't happy being there with the rotten weather at the time. Makes a difference on a yacht about decent weather. Anyway, wish I knew more about the tax structures of other states, but I have a hard enough time keeping track once my accountant/best friend died ...... Rennie
--rennielorca Wed Nov 5 18:39:16 2008
I like the Nieman-Marxist pun, but that's the most contorted description of the Alaska Permanent Fund I've ever seen.
--LAN3 Wed Nov 5 22:17:49 2008
Also, if a test is truly comprehensive, teaching to the test would cover everything.
--LAN3 Thu Nov 6 02:17:57 2008
Yeah, but as always, what tests test best is your ability to take tests. Therefore they are often not a great thing to base a curriculum around.
--Kirk Thu Nov 6 09:12:07 2008

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