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Wednesday's news post at Penny-Arcade drifted to the subject of iPhone games and mentioned Galcon, which reminded me of you, and "Tycho," the strip's writer, recommend "Spin," which looks really fun and good for the iPhone's interface-- it also appears to be a game easily picked up and put down, perfect for mobile play:
--LAN3 Thu Nov 6 17:17:40 2008
So on a whim I downloaded it, $5 is close enough to mad money for the gamble. It's kind of interesting, but I haven't found it overly compelling yet.
--Kirk Fri Nov 7 10:18:44 2008
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--pbdcihq sqmyuj Sun Jan 18 02:52:46 2009
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--cheap oem software Sun Feb 12 02:32:41 2012
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--Itha Sat Apr 7 10:13:05 2012
I don't own it as of yet and not sure I will as I was one of those people watiing for the REAL iPhone 5. What we got was not the real deal and yes, it can even tell you that it isn't. lol . That said, it is nice. very nice. Other phones though have most of the same stuff and if you are an XBOX person which most of you are on this site, why not have a Windows phone where you can play XBOX on it? I saw one the other day and it actually was pretty nice. Until seeing it up close I hadn't even considered it. I probably will end up with the iPhone though as at the end of the day I am a wannabe mac geek.
--Osmamgone Sun Apr 8 19:23:27 2012

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