no love in an elevator
One of the most basic forms of what might be called torture is screwing with a person's internal clock, generally by manipulating light/dark cycles and meal-times. In the case of the guy stuck in the elevator, he also engaged the buzzer, adding sonic torture to his own little hell.

I'm not really surprised that in a building with so many floors, neither his coworker nor the custodians who saw him enter the elevator didn't gather a clue, but it would really bother me greatly to learn that 8 security guards had their duty while he was trapped in a lighted, monitored elevator. Talk about your crap security. Wouldn't a prone body in an elevator interest a security guard? Or someone facing a wall outside open doors? Especially his initial attempt at the trapdoor should've induced some action by the security guard.
--LAN3 Mon Nov 10 12:06:47 2008
Ok, so at some point you either wrote or said something along the lines of, "every time I see someone with an iphone I think 'there's another jerk with an iphone'." And I have to say that I hate you for it because it's now the first thing that jumps into my head when I see someone with an iphone.

Stay out of my head!
--Rhys Tue Nov 11 22:10:54 2008

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