i have a giant heap of friday
There are however a few advantages of cloned meat... for example if you've ever had the world's most amazingly perfect steak... with cloned meat you could have another one just like it...
--Rhys Fri Nov 14 13:38:19 2008
Yesterday I interrupted a conversation by some coworkers who are comic book nerds, and I wondered if there were any superheros (not villians) who had been jerks and bullies and became super-assh*les. (One of the Green Lanterns, evidently.) 

And then I realized that Bruce Wayne, particularly in the Frank Miller Batman universe as seen in the two recent movies, has two alter-egos. He is at core the damaged guy who saw his parents murdered and seeks revenge, but his public face is that of a jerk playboy who'd burn down his own house in a bad drunk. However, playing that alterego must have *some* appeal. "Fighting crime tonight, Master Bruce?" "No Alfred, I've got 5 dates with supermodels tonight." Beats the 10-pack-a-day voice by quite a lot.
--LAN3 Fri Nov 14 16:18:19 2008
Well, of course, Superman Is A Dick - http://superdickery.com/
--Kirk Sat Nov 15 09:49:23 2008

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