bummers in bunches
I had some weird problems updating DirectX, myself. This one did it for me: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=886ACB56-C91A-4A8E-8BB8-9F20F1244A8E&displaylang=en
--Jeremy Sun Nov 16 18:50:10 2008
maybe you getting shitfaced by six pm on a Saturday would be a good thing.
Then again, I *never* see anything wrong with that.
--cmg Sun Nov 16 19:35:12 2008
Hey, that's powerufl. Thanks for the news.
--Jazlyn Mon Aug 1 03:37:10 2011
Oh yeah, faublous stuff there you!
--Lorrie Sat Dec 10 06:44:40 2011
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