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The British Airways ad feels 'Titanic-esque". I guess that could be a variation on "post apocalyptic".

--YELM Fri Nov 21 11:21:26 2008
Yeah I kept today free expressly for the purpose of cleaning, and as of yet I haven't budged from the couch. I'm starting to think I should just give up and go do something entertaining.
--Rhys Sat Nov 22 18:29:18 2008
Considering the disaster the opening of Terminal 5 the advert is prophetic. They were drowning in problems.
--dlnelson7@hotmail.com Sun Nov 23 04:40:33 2008
Yeah, the story didn't make the news much in the USA, but googling for this I saw that it really created systemic problems for air travel in the area and beyond.

The thing too about this commercial is, even apart from the drowning aspect... I dunno how bad Heathrow has been (been there a few times, none memorably) but the murky underwater view doesn't make it look much better or worse than most other modern airports I've been to.
--Kirk Sun Nov 23 07:32:44 2008

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