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You can even watch the Wizard of Oz with Dark Side of the Moon supposedly synced up to it on YouTube. I'm guessing the syncing is good. . .except that it's not really all that spectacular.
--The_Lex Mon Nov 24 15:04:06 2008
That is a fairly saturated image, but more interesting is its large depth of field. It makes it look sharper than real life.
--nrp Mon Nov 24 20:56:50 2008
The slow singing over the fast dance beats unsettles me for some reason.
--The_Lex Tue Nov 25 19:46:44 2008
I've done the Darkside of OZ thing ( and it wasn't a perfect match, but more than enough to make me suspicious.

--Sean Conner Wed Nov 26 00:22:51 2008

There's a bug in parsing links it seems, and it included the parenthesis when it shouldn't have.

--Sean Conner Wed Nov 26 00:23:37 2008
Well, it's not much of a bug... technically it seems like you can have parens in URLs - see Wikipedia (disambiguation) pages. So I guess I could have the parser guess what you mean - start doing some weird analysis to see if there was a matching paren in or out of the link - but really, people should learn to just follow their URLs with a space, whatever system they're using. (same goes for a URL at the end of a sentence... a reader would have to guess if it was part of the URL or part of the sentence.)
--Kirk Wed Nov 26 09:53:30 2008

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