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You can even watch the Wizard of Oz with Dark Side of the Moon supposedly synced up to it on YouTube. I'm guessing the syncing is good. . .except that it's not really all that spectacular.
--The_Lex Mon Nov 24 15:04:06 2008
That is a fairly saturated image, but more interesting is its large depth of field. It makes it look sharper than real life.
--nrp Mon Nov 24 20:56:50 2008
The slow singing over the fast dance beats unsettles me for some reason.
--The_Lex Tue Nov 25 19:46:44 2008
I've done the Darkside of OZ thing ( and it wasn't a perfect match, but more than enough to make me suspicious.

--Sean Conner Wed Nov 26 00:22:51 2008

There's a bug in parsing links it seems, and it included the parenthesis when it shouldn't have.

--Sean Conner Wed Nov 26 00:23:37 2008
Well, it's not much of a bug... technically it seems like you can have parens in URLs - see Wikipedia (disambiguation) pages. So I guess I could have the parser guess what you mean - start doing some weird analysis to see if there was a matching paren in or out of the link - but really, people should learn to just follow their URLs with a space, whatever system they're using. (same goes for a URL at the end of a sentence... a reader would have to guess if it was part of the URL or part of the sentence.)
--Kirk Wed Nov 26 09:53:30 2008
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--mdbkrvl tefuaz Sun Jan 18 01:15:11 2009
Recall Walker!With all due respect, my iiatrmfonon is not dead wrong, because it's not iiatrmfonon. It's experience. I am the point person for the Facilitation Committee, so that iiatrmfonon cannot be false. I do make that announcement regarding that committee almost every GA that I am at, that also cannot be false. Everything I described may not match your experiences, and that's fine, and I would like to address whatever issues or concerns there are about other people's experiences not matching up with our intentions. But it's rather insulting to tell me that things I know to be true (because I am there all the time) is dead wrong.  I am also involved in or sit in on many other committee meetings, all of which are and remain open to everyone to attend. They are not top down, do-as-you-are-told entities of any kind. You have either been misinformed, or, more likely, have made an assumption about what's going on because of the lack of any better iiatrmfonon. As I stated in my previous message, one of our major concerns has been the lack of prior notice for when the committees actually meet, which turns into an unintentional kind of exclusion, and that is something we are looking to solve as soon as possible. Just because we are having these problems, does not inherently mean we are organized in a top-down fashion. It means we are a grass-roots organization still in it's infancy and are working very hard to get the kinks out but still have a long way to go. It takes time to fix all of these things and still maintain an Occupation Site day-in and day-out.What iiatrmfonon are you looking to get out of the General Assemblies? Perhaps it is something that is simply unknown, in which case it is not accurate to claim that people are trying to keep iiatrmfonon from you. It may also be that you are looking for iiatrmfonon that doesn't fit with what the General Assembly is for, and you might be better served by talking to the Info Station. Have you done that?As I stated previously, I and many other people involved with Occupy Madison are very aware that we've had communication problems between our committees and have been struggling for weeks to work on addressing these problems. Your concern about not being able to find out when they meet or who to talk to about them if that is an accurate representation of what you're concerned about, is not alone and we are trying to work on it.However, when you don't respond to my questions asking what sort of change you would like to see or what discussions you feel are being left out, and instead focus on asserting that I am just wrong and everything is being done wrong, it becomes very hard to actually address your concerns.-Heather
--Giorgos Sat Jan 5 22:43:55 2013

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