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I think your New Year's Resolution should be to not blog the entire year. I double-dog-dare you.
--A concerned individual Wed Dec 3 22:03:14 2008
I don't think he could stand the fact that he might have to go without attention
--cmg Wed Dec 3 23:04:22 2008
Woot, I will creitanly put this to good use!
--Constance Thu Oct 20 10:34:05 2011
Phytolindo@demoniorojothebestYes, there are young people, but its not the party ashptomere you may think of. It's mostly families and couples. We changed the schedule for dinner and didnt attend the gala, it wasnt all that and u can eat anywhere else in the cruise, so it was nothing special. No dress code for us. It's a cruise!!! LOL
--Taecyon Sun Jan 6 19:15:37 2013
Phytolindo@studioniltzIts a 3 day cruise and you get to the beach on the seoncd day. No need for the car, you don't even have enough time for that. You have a few hours. Prices are reasonable.Hope you have fun. I loved Stockholm, by the way. I have a video here of my trip to Sweden.
--Alexander Sun Jan 6 19:15:37 2013
Is there nowhere p4s v3 to doownlad???I would like to see explatantions and not to see correct anwsers at once. I would like to test myself so it does not help to have anwsers before you get a chance to answare on your own. But i must greet mart28 as he is the only one who put newest version P4S in Word format.If anybody has exe i would be glad.
--Derric Sun Apr 14 08:29:41 2013

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