why don't you make like a tree and pine?
HHIS I should have tohhugt of that!
--Jacki Sat Jun 18 13:57:41 2011
XdLIza I am so grateful for your article post. Want more.
--Adobe OEM Software Wed Mar 7 18:25:55 2012
Is there any program that could take a bunch of iarenlltss for programs and run them one after the other? Automating that process would make recovering my pc after Windows murders itself much quicker and wouldn't use as much disk space as making a complete disk image.I suppose the parts in iarenlltss where it prompts you to enter information could be difficult.. although the normal install process is just next, next, agree, next, install, finish and the few things that dont follow the straight click-through pattern could just be left out of the process. Or some process whereby it runs each installer that you add in some kind of sandbox mode and gets you to answer all the questions so it knows the answers/input to give when it comes round to restore it.If I had more (read as any ) programming knowledge I could be making that by now .Then to finish the backup making, add support for reinstate all these folders and the files in them although that would make the size of the backup swell rapidly. The Application Data folders might be more useful and less space-filling.Now I think about it, if it made a backup of all the Program files, Application data files and the System registry then what's left to make any difference between the original and the backup in terms of installed programs. a0|a0
--Ghada Fri Apr 12 08:53:21 2013

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