last night i had a weird dream with the special wing of the space force who flew ships that looked like marshmallows and prayed rapidfire prayers to the aliens to keep them away
Maybe that's why not blogging should be a resolution for the New Year.
--A concerned individual Thu Dec 11 13:39:12 2008
Didn't I read that quote yesterday?
--SpindleyQ Thu Dec 11 15:15:47 2008
"concerned"; do I know you in real life? Anyway, you need to make a stronger argument about why I should give up blogging.

Spindley... jeez, yeah.
It's funny it's a quote I was thinking about adding a # of times, but then kept deciding to postpone. And than i finally used it and forgot to clear it from the backlog
--Kirk Thu Dec 11 15:49:47 2008
Clearly you should expand on your twitter thoughts here (you twit!).
--Rhys Thu Dec 11 17:04:28 2008

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