what's shoe with you
In response to your tweet, stop living in the past.
-- Tue Dec 16 22:55:53 2008
Probably not bad advice. On the other hand, the past is the only thing you get more of. Totally neglecting it means you cut yourself off.

And like I said, it is in the running for dumbest.
--Kirk Wed Dec 17 00:14:40 2008
If you don't know history, you're doomed to repeat it, or something like that.

And is there more significance than someone is throwing something really stinky at you that is also somewhat of a sacrifice to them to show their utter disgust for someone?
--The_Lex Wed Dec 17 10:40:25 2008
Videogenic? Cinemagenic? Animagenic?

I don't know if you think anything would justify the last 5-6 years in Iraq, but I'm glad you're recognizing a positive result, or at least signs of one, of the war over there. 

I'm a little peeved that shoe-throwing idiot gets to run the news cycle for 2 days-- most news sources I saw couldn't be bothered to run so much as a soundbite from the historic occasion, except for the "size 10" gag.

As for the thrower, it can't be that much of a sacrifice-- how long until the NY Times hires that guy on?
--LAN3 Wed Dec 17 11:51:01 2008
I wonder if he got his shoes back.

And c'mon, it's newsworthy because it's novel and funny. How often does a foreigner throw a shoe at the President. . .and it's just so out of the ordinary and out there.

We've been in Iraq fatigue for a long time now. . .and, if anything, the shoe throwing gag may actually provide something refreshing about the topic, despite not really being all that important, in the long run (unless it represents a fair amount of the Iraqi people's opinion or something like that). Never know, maybe more people looked into the actual event and the issues of Iraq than if the guy didn't throw the shoe.
--The_Lex Wed Dec 17 14:58:42 2008
Well, ultimately, I think not getting blow'd up is a priority over the freedom angry performance art political expression. Try to slam in the kind of freedom of expression and democracy Westerners enjoy through force is in its own way as foolhardy as the communists picking agrarian Russia to test out Marx's evolution from capitalism theories.
--Kirk Wed Dec 17 18:31:03 2008

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