star trekkin' across the universe
More amusing might be Wil Wheaton's recaps of TNG episodes over at TV Squad.
--LAN3 Sun Jan 4 22:48:53 2009
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--dnbxl sbkvfrdat Wed Jan 14 12:57:22 2009
Actually, that suggests a queoitsn. Are spirits able to see what colour of spectral energy a normal human will have and only possess those who will be the same colour as them, or is it entirely determined by the colour of the spirit that possesses them?Also, even though I think this is something that I'll have to wait to learn, I wonder how the colour of a Spectral's energy is determined when their conversion is due to be exposed to a lot of spirits/ghosts/tools (presuming that each one will have its own specific colour)?
--Sandor Tue Jan 8 09:16:52 2013

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